How To Kill It At Your Next Set


This July, self-confessed (jokingly) “tortured post-trance, deep-funk acid-tinged anti-techouse futurist pop-laced groove martyr” Tiga admitted on Twitter that his Rome performance was sub-par. I’m writing about it even now, months later, because Tiga’s post is an honest response to what it means to “kill it”


At SDS, we always want our students to have an amazing performance. But what is an amazing performance? One that gets the crowd absolutely dropping everything and booty-shaking? One that creates a beautiful atmosphere and energy for the crowd? Or even just one that doesn’t do what every other DJ does? The answer is up to you. Honestly.


All of our students have different performance goals. Some DJ for therapy, some go for the bass “whop whop” energy. For them to kill it at their performance they have to align their vision with the crowds’ vision. Remember, the crowd are here for you so they have to be a part of your vision somehow. It could be to take them on a journey, or get them to dance their pants off. But remember to do your research on the crowds.



You have to put the hard yards in the lab to refine your performance. That doesn’t mean pre-planning your set list, but have a clear idea of what you want to play and how. Then work to the point you know the crowd is going to love it. Add flair, add FX or add some tracks that will take them back. Know your performance and style like the back of your hand so you can interact more with the crowd. Create that connection by watching how they react and respond accordingly. Once you have a core group that you can play to, you now have your ‘centre’. Then build from there my friend.


After the performance, party on and support the DJs about to come on. Get wild, become one of the crowd and learn to lose yourself. Stop thinking and analysing for a second. Over-analysing will turn you into a Spotify playlist than a super cool DJ. Lose yourself to the moment. Then after the hangover and a shower, reflect on your performance and apply it to your next.



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