XDJ-RX2 – The Club Ready Standalone Just Got Better


The XDJ-RX was a beautiful machine. Not only was it killer in house parties and even superior to some club equipment, it was also the training ground for the CDJs & DJMs. The design and construction felt amazing and portable. Perfect for the mobile DJ, or the DJ that just wanted to be mobile. Now, Pioneer have released the XDJ-RX2, so what is new in this setup?



NXS2 Performance Features & Layout

  • NXS2 Colour & Beat FX
  • NXS2-like 3 Band EQs and Channel Faders

Arguably, one of XDJ-RX2’s most distinctive features is the updated design to mirror the professional DJM & CDJ NXS2 series. The beautiful sleek black design and professional grade hardware make this the Club Ready all-in-one system to prepare you for NXS2 club gear.

The RX2 also has performance features similar to the NXS2 series gear. The EQs and channel faders house similar curve behaviour to its bigger brother DJM900NXS2. DJM900NXS2 Beat and Sound Colour FX are also housed in the unit. Pioneer has got you covered.

7” Touch Screen Display


  • 7 inch touch screen display (similar to 2000NXS2)
    • QWERTY keyboard on screen
    • Wave Zoom
    • Large rotary selector and Needle Search, Track Filter and Short Cut features

The RX2 now houses a large 7” touch screen display comparable to the CDJ2000NXS2. Like the CDJ2000NXS2, the unit sports an on-screen QWERTY keyboard, wave zoom and a large rotary selector, Needle Search, Track Filter & Short Cut features on the wings of the screen. Navigating between bars, tracks, playlists, configurations and mixes has never been better.

New Hardware – Jog Wheels & Performance Pads


  • 8 multicoloured performance pads per channel (16 in total)
  • 2 Mic Inputs/2 Line/Phono Inputs
  • 2 Line/Phono Inputs
  • Jog Wheels w/ better feel
  • Silver Play & Cue buttons

Pioneer have listened to the requests for updated hardware. There are more performance pads & LED colours. Sporting 8 multicoloured performance pads per channel (16 pads in total), you will have instant access to Hot Cues, Beat Jump, Beat Loop, and Slip Loop like NXS2 gear. In addition the jog wheels have a better feel, as well as silver play and cue buttons.

New Software – Rekordbox & USB


  • Rekordbox 5.0
  • Rekordbox DJ video expansion
  • 2 x USB sockets
  • USB CONNECTION (Link Export)

XDJ-RX2 comes with Rekordbox 5.0 and Rekordbox DJ (129USD if bought separately). Rekordbox has been the standard in music management and Rekordbox DJ is ahead of the game in terms of DJ Performance software. The RX2 also offers 2 x USB sockets with USB CONNECTION (Link Export) mode which allows you to directly manage rekordbox with Laptop connected to RX2 without requiring an additional USB device.

All in all this is a welcome upgrade from the original RX. Pioneer believe in the entry level DJs stepping up their game, whilst also believing the veteran DJs that want a more portable controller solution to their live performance. With a NXS2 design facelift, hardware and software upgrades the XDJ-RX2 is a worthy investment for a first all-in-one DJ system, or just an upgrade to the original RX.

Watch the Pioneer Official Introduction of the XDJ-RX2




The XDJ-RX2 is available to students!

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