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"I would like to welcome you to Club Ready DJ School and tell you how grateful I am to be able to share my greatest passion with you.

This is my lifes work. I have DJ’d and held down weekly residencies for over 15 years, run club events for equally as long and have packed all my knowledge into what is easily the strongest DJ course on the planet. I guarantee you will see measurable results fast, but not only that, when you feel ready, you can submit a DJ mix, incorporating everything you have learnt for grading and once you pass, you will be sent a graduating certificate which means we are confident you are ready to hit the live scene.

Even if you just love music and want to do this as a hobby, or you plan to be the biggest DJ in the world headlining festivals, this course will give you the skills and experience needed to make this a reality for you.

If you’re serious about living life on your terms and you feel a strong connection to music, then this truly is your ideal next step”.

- Andrew Duffield

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