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Firstly for those new to DJIng, the EQ controls the different frequencies within each track. Straight up is how the song comes recorded, so if you're playing a track on its own, I'd leave all the EQ straight up, it's only when you're playing both tracks together that you need to adjust the EQ's to help the tracks compliment each other.

DJ Transition Technique - Make Big BPM Jump Using Pitch and Tempo Image

I am receiving so many questions from people getting club shows or wanting to get club shows and they are really nervous about making the jump from controller to club gear and some are even expressing concerns about what genres to play, saying there local clubs focus on more party and commercial music.

How to DJ - Back to Back DJ Sets Image

With covid restrictions easing a tonne of my students are now getting shows in clubs and some of them have been asked to do a back to back DJ set. So in this article (video above) I will explain what is a back to back set, the different ways you can approach your back to back set, why the promoter would even ask you to do a back to back set, how to prepare for it and how to assure that when you both play you stand out and make an impact assuring repeat shows.

How to Prepare for Longer DJ Sets for Clubs, House Parties and Private Functions Image

A tonne of students have reached out to me in recent weeks letting me know they have scored sets at venues and some of the venues have requested that the DJs play all night, so in this video I will talk about the difference between preparing shorter vs longer sets, the different types of longer sets you may encounter and how to prepare for them so you can potentially make marathon sets a huge success.

5 Must Know USB Tips - Avoid USB fails!! Image

Have you ever used USBS in clubs and experienced problems? Or perhaps you haven't used club gear yet but you're open to it but not 100% sure how it works or maybe you've already jumped on club gear only to find the gear is not reading your USB properly and every time you load a track you can't see the waveform or BPM?

Negative Thinking for Success? Image

As many of you know I often take the positive thinking outlook side of things and I've actually done a whole heap of mindset for success videos that were really popular yet I wanted to share something I read recently that I think could really help you manage your expectations and feel victorious no matter what happens. The concept: negative thinking for positive results haha.

3 Ways to Mix Nu Disco Image

I love my job so much and one of my favourite things is listening to student mixes and giving them feedback. The majority of the time, I am blown away by how talented they are, and lots of the time I feel it's kind of like that grasshopper analogy, where the students have surpassed the skills of their teacher, which to be honest makes me really happy and to see so many of my students now landing residencies in clubs and getting really good gigs, it blows my mind.


I always say to my students what tracks you play and how much of each track you play is completely up to you and even though there are lots of things to consider when mixing tracks and building incredible playlists that make an impact, all of which is taught in full detail in my course which I'll link in below, but when it comes to playing live, being able to read a crowd and even the ability to observe, sense and direct the energy in the room with a goal of uniting everyone there and creating world class atmospheres is arguably one of the most importing things when it comes to having success as a DJ.

How To DJ With Zero Prep - Load Music and Play!! Image

I did a survey last week about the different ways people practise and it seems the majority just jump on the decks and mix without any kind of preparation and get to know the tracks through playing them, so if you do this, or are open to the idea of mixing without planning this video is for you.

5 Ways to Practice DJing to Get Results Fast Image

Let's face it there really are so many different ways you can practise and from teaching literally thousands of people I feel the majority only do 1 or 2 ways at most and they wonder why they get bored or reach a plateau, so keep reading as this article gives you a fresh outlook on ways to assure your DJ sessions are successful to assure you build unstoppable momentum.

UK Garage Mix Image

Due to popular demand I made my first ever UK Garage Mix. This is the how to mix UK garage, how not to, do's and don'ts with UK garage! Very psyched!

3 Deck EDM Set Image

The truth is I have a very big soft spot for DJIng electro house. It was huge at a time when I was well and truly immersed in the club scene and when playing live and experiencing the energy that came from EDM clubs, it was honestly something else and a time I'll never forget.

How to Mix Bass and Future House Image

In this video I'll show you how to mix future house and bass house so your DJ transitions work every time. I'll also show you how to mix out of difficult tracks, and even how to play the best parts of each track so you maintain a pumping energy on your floor from start to finish.

Trance DJ Mix Image

Mixing Trance is such a great genre to DJ. Big atmospheric breakdowns and drops. Driving bass, often amazing vocals and melodies - I'm hooked. Truth is once you know how to DJ you can DJ any genre, but either way, making these videos is a blast - thank you all so much for your support - tracklists below.

Can you Double Drop! Image

The concept of double dropping is you play both chorus's together at the same time. Now I'll be honest this is risky as quite often the chorus is the most intense part of the track so putting big bit on big bit can often sound messy...

Progressive House Mix + DJ Tips Image

When mixing progressive house it's more about the journey - each track tells a story and when put together in the form of a set you need that set to tell a story. It's less about doing stuff and more about being present with the music - in many ways mixing progressive house is a form of meditation - a journey into sound!

4 Tips to Epic Success this Year Image

Ok first and foremost, never underestimate the power of setting goals or even intentions. I know I have said this before but life without goals is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle without the boxtop, and if you have no direction to head in then you are merely going through life reacting to what you see and experience and I'll be honest...

Drum and Bass Mix + DJ Tips and Advice Image

Drum and Bass is so fun to DJ and there's so many ways to mix it. In this video I'll be doing double drops, chopping, vocal overlays, but most of all I will take you on a journey by controlling the energy and flow of the mix, enjoy!!

What's wrong with SYNC! Image

The advantages of sync are difficult to overlook: firstly it can take the pressure off new DJs big time, as beat matching by ear gives you more to do and remember and if you don't have to worry about beat matching by ear...

Minimal Tech - no cues, no prep, learning from playing Image

In truth I am a little nervous about this one as I like preparing playlists and to release a raw mix like this without rehearsing or knowing the tracks in advance makes me feel a little exposed.

DDJ 400 to Club Gear - here's how Image

I know for a fact, as far as entry level controllers go, a tonne of people are choosing the DDJ400 and why not, it has the same basic operations as the club gear, it reads Rekordbox, the same software used to prepare music to play in clubs, and it's very affordable and I personally know a tonne of people that have started on this controller and have honed their skills to a club standard.

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