Mobile DJing 101 Image

Mobile DJing is an excellent way to pursue your passion for music, improve your overall technical and communication skills, marketing and sales skills, and earn a reasonably lucrative income depending on how far you take your Mobile DJing journey.

The Ultimate DJs Guide for Streaming Services in 2023 Image

I was against the idea of streaming initially, perhaps that's the part in my that is resistant to change, but recently for the benefit of my students I dived right into it and TBH streaming has a lot of advantages...

Sex and DJing - Master Sex Master DJing Image

Want to score gigs, be a bombshell in bed and overcome your insecurities? Then this video is going to be the game changer you've been waiting for.

5 Best Ways To Get DJ Gigs In 2023 Image

If you want to get experience playing live but you don't actually want to go clubbing every weekend, then this article could be the most important written advice you'll receive all year. Each topic feeds off the last and by the end you're going to have 5 actionable strategies that you can use to build immediate momentum.

The Intertwined World of Alcohol and DJing Image

The world of DJing has long been associated with late nights and a culture undeniably intertwined with alcohol and substance abuse. Beyond the fun, social atmosphere, and getting lost in the music lies a complex interplay that has long been a cornerstone of club culture.

5 Track Challenge Image

I had so much fun DJing this. The challenge: a student in the Club Ready Tribe (winner of previous round), selects a genre, selects 5 tracks FROM that genre and then posts in the Club Ready Tribe group and students then create a mix using those 5 tracks and can share in the group and students in the group vote and give feedback. This is a great skill building exercise, it also helps to get students active in the group and opens up their network and experience. This is my entry to the contest!

How to Confidently Make The Jump From DJ Controller to Club Equipment Image

Landing your first club gig as a DJ is a pivotal moment in your pursuit of becoming a resident DJ at your local club and possibly making it onto the bigger stages in the future. It is the beginning of being able to share your sound with an audience, build your skills, and get your name out there. It is both an exciting and daunting experience.

How to Choose the Perfect DJ Headphones Image

With such a bewildering array of options available, shopping for DJ headphones can be a daunting experience if you don't know what you're looking for. In this article, I'll be taking you through the main things to consider so that you can find the DJ headphones that are right for you.

The Art of Beatmatching: How to Beatmatch as a DJ Image

Have you noticed the beats of your tracks drifting apart? Not having a visual reference to align the beats visually may affect your confidence behind the decks. Beatmatching allows you to match the beats by ear without looking at stacked waveforms. Even if you can align beats visually, beatmatching is an important tool to have in your toolbox because some venues do not have stacked waveform visuals.

Getting Started for Producing with for DJs Image

n the exciting world of electronic music, being a skilled DJ is one aspect of this industry, and it only scratches the surface of just how far you can take this as a career. Aspiring DJs are increasingly venturing into the realm of music production, where they can elevate their skill set and potential to make it big in the dance music scene, pushing them to heights that DJing alone may never get them. Embarking on the journey of music production opens up a world of infinite possibilities, allowing DJs to truly explore and craft their own unique sound and overall brand. Finding your niche as a producer and being a great DJ to match is a combination that carries great potential and is possibly the only way to make a name on the world stage.

Networking For DJs 101 - The Importance of Networking in 2023 Image

Networking is an essential skill that all DJs and artists must master to get gigs regularly and consistently. In 2023 it has become more critical than ever to utilise networking tools you have around you, such as social media, to build your artist brand and create and establish networks with other DJs and artists in the industry. Below are some starting points, tips, and tricks to help you get more gigs.

Pioneer DJ OPUS-QUAD - How does it compare to other DJ gear? Image

With Pioneer DJ's new release of the OPUS-QUAD, you may wonder how it compares to other DJ equipment. In this article we put the new Pioneer Opus Quad head to head with the Pioneer CDJ 3000s, the newly released DJM-A9, as well as the Denon DJ Prime 4.

The Most Important Settings to Check Before Your DJ Set Image

Playing in a live setting can be a nerve-wracking experience at the best of times, but you might eventually find yourself in a situation where the settings on the gear are all so foreign that it feels like you're fighting against the equipment and mixing feels much harder than normal.

Best DJ Gear in 2023 Image

The world of DJ gear is constantly evolving and advancing, with new products and technologies being introduced every year. As we move further into 2023, it's time to take a look at some of the best DJ gear that is available on the market today.

How to DJ for Beginners Image

Ready to get started on your DJ setup? Love being at a club event, rave, concert, or festival and want to create that atmosphere for others? Want to ignite your inner talent to mix music as a DJ?

How To Craft The Ultimate DJ Mix Image

As DJs, music is an essential part of our lives, and for many people, nothing compares to the feeling of a well-crafted DJ mix. Not only is it an amazing promotional tool to create or boost your current DJ career, it is also a means to form your identity and brand.

How to Avoid USB Fails When DJing Image

Give yourself the best chance of success when you step up to the decks with these tips for selecting and preparing your USB stick for use with CDJs and media players.

Best Places for DJs to Get Music Image

The process of researching and building up your music collection is an essential job for all DJs and one which can be overwhelming with more and more options becoming available.

10 Beginner DJ Tips - Advice for Beginners Image

YouTube is a great place to start if you are brand-spanking new. For instance, you can find videos about your controller. Whether you have the new Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 or the OG Pioneer DDJ-400, most big DJ brands like Pioneer DJ, Denon DJ, and Numark have tutorials on YouTube.


Let me paint a picture. I was once out at a club and the music was getting repetitive and some people were leaving and more people were sitting down than dancing and all of a sudden the DJ teased in the vocal: hey boy hey girl, by chemical brothers.


The key to killer psy trance sets, and TBH, any DJ set for that matter, is killer track selection and arrangement, which usually comes down to how well you know your tracks or how much research and prep you do before crafting a set. In this video I'll breakdown the things I consider when building a set and putting together a playlist.

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Not sure where to start? In this mini series I answer many of the questions beginners have about learning to DJ.

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