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So many people when they first learn to DJ make it unnecessarily hard for themselves and as a result they get frustrated, lose interest or simply give up. WHEN REALLY all they had to do is follow the tips I'm going to share in this video.

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n the exciting world of electronic music, being a skilled DJ is one aspect of this industry, and it only scratches the surface of just how far you can take this as a career. Aspiring DJs are increasingly venturing into the realm of music production, where they can elevate their skill set and potential to make it big in the dance music scene, pushing them to heights that DJing alone may never get them. Embarking on the journey of music production opens up a world of infinite possibilities, allowing DJs to truly explore and craft their own unique sound and overall brand. Finding your niche as a producer and being a great DJ to match is a combination that carries great potential and is possibly the only way to make a name on the world stage.

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Ready to get started on your DJ setup? Love being at a club event, rave, concert, or festival and want to create that atmosphere for others? Want to ignite your inner talent to mix music as a DJ?

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The process of researching and building up your music collection is an essential job for all DJs and one which can be overwhelming with more and more options becoming available.

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YouTube is a great place to start if you are brand-spanking new. For instance, you can find videos about your controller. Whether you have the new Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 or the OG Pioneer DDJ-400, most big DJ brands like Pioneer DJ, Denon DJ, and Numark have tutorials on YouTube.

Bass Swapping - Don't Make This Common Mistake Image

Have you ever gone for a bass swap and when you do the exiting track drops out dramatically making your transition sound a little empty?

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I am receiving so many questions from people getting club shows or wanting to get club shows and they are really nervous about making the jump from controller to club gear and some are even expressing concerns about what genres to play, saying there local clubs focus on more party and commercial music.

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A tonne of students have reached out to me in recent weeks letting me know they have scored sets at venues and some of the venues have requested that the DJs play all night, so in this video I will talk about the difference between preparing shorter vs longer sets, the different types of longer sets you may encounter and how to prepare for them so you can potentially make marathon sets a huge success.

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Let's face it there really are so many different ways you can practise and from teaching literally thousands of people I feel the majority only do 1 or 2 ways at most and they wonder why they get bored or reach a plateau, so keep reading as this article gives you a fresh outlook on ways to assure your DJ sessions are successful to assure you build unstoppable momentum.

Can you Double Drop! Image

The concept of double dropping is you play both chorus's together at the same time. Now I'll be honest this is risky as quite often the chorus is the most intense part of the track so putting big bit on big bit can often sound messy...

What's wrong with SYNC! Image

The advantages of sync are difficult to overlook: firstly it can take the pressure off new DJs big time, as beat matching by ear gives you more to do and remember and if you don't have to worry about beat matching by ear...

DDJ 400 to Club Gear - here's how Image

I know for a fact, as far as entry level controllers go, a tonne of people are choosing the DDJ400 and why not, it has the same basic operations as the club gear, it reads Rekordbox, the same software used to prepare music to play in clubs, and it's very affordable and I personally know a tonne of people that have started on this controller and have honed their skills to a club standard.

5 Step to Prepare a DJ Set Image

Many people have asked me to do a video on what goes into DJ set preparation, so in this video I will talk through my process with the goal that you can put together some really pumping sets that people will respond well to.

Using DJ Headphones Like a Pro Image

Learning how to mix solely with your DJ headphones is a really good skill to have and whenever you see DJs wearing in ear monitors that's exactly what they're doing. The advantages of mixing with your headphones on the whole time is:

Categorising music Image

I recently did a video on how to get out of sticky situations and the long and short of it is, the more prepared you are the less likely you'll even find yourself in a sticky situation, so in this video I will share with you some common ways to organise and even categories your music so you are ready for any eventuality.

DJM Beat FX vs colour FX Image

In this article / video I will talk about the effects you will find on club mixers. Now, you may have noticed by now, I do lean towards preparing people to play in clubs as running clubs and DJing was what I did full time for almost 20 years and it's best to talk to my experience, but I want to really emphasise one thing and that is all DJ gear shares the same features.

DJ Volume faders vs EQ Image

People often remark on how I use my volume faders and EQ so today I'll explain why I often use the whole EQ to mix in my new tracks as opposed to volume faders.

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The beauty of learning to DJ is, absolutely everyone can do it. I have taught people from 8 to 80 and most of these people had no background in music or experience of any kind.

5 Ways to Practice DJing to Get Results Fast

Let's face it there really are so many different ways you can practise and from teaching literally thousands of people I feel the majority only do 1 or 2 ways at most and they wonder why they get bored or reach a plateau, so keep reading as this article gives you a fresh outlook on ways to assure your DJ sessions are successful to assure you build unstoppable momentum.

How important is bitrate in music?

I was recently in a studio learning mastering from an audio engineer. If you listen to music anywhere in the 21st century, this person was...

Creating a Successful DJ Set

Putting together a killer set isn't just about having the skills to mix tracks together. Your ability to showcase music that people respond positively to and putting songs together in a way that keeps the energy pumping at events is what you should be aiming for.

Where can I download new music?

A huge part of being a great DJ is having a constantly evolving music library. Careful song selection and commitment to your craft, whether you're searching, shopping or mixing, are essential if you're aiming to develop a unique sound. Here are sites we recommend:

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