The first key to marketing is to ignore everything everyone has ever told you. don't you know marketing is not cool and the fact is if you're telling people to follow you they are going to run the other way and worse, if you are inboxing people custom templates telling people, you don't really know to check out your latest mixes, people will block you.


If you have a gig coming up or want to know what's involved when playing live this article is Gold.

Where DJs Find Good Underground Music: Is Volumo the Answer? Image

What defines good music, though? Of course, this always comes down to personal preference, interpretation, and setting. This will forever be a subjective topic as music is art. However, for the DJs wanting to bring something unique to the dancefloor, good music in this case, could be defined as something the crowd didn't know they wanted or needed, to be the DJ that can offer up an unforgettable experience that breaks away from the same Top 100 tracks that everyone is accessing and using.

Mobile DJing 101 Image

Mobile DJing is an excellent way to pursue your passion for music, improve your overall technical and communication skills, marketing and sales skills, and earn a reasonably lucrative income depending on how far you take your Mobile DJing journey.

Sex and DJing - Master Sex Master DJing Image

Want to score gigs, be a bombshell in bed and overcome your insecurities? Then this video is going to be the game changer you've been waiting for.

5 Best Ways To Get DJ Gigs In 2023 Image

If you want to get experience playing live but you don't actually want to go clubbing every weekend, then this article could be the most important written advice you'll receive all year. Each topic feeds off the last and by the end you're going to have 5 actionable strategies that you can use to build immediate momentum.

The Intertwined World of Alcohol and DJing Image

The world of DJing has long been associated with late nights and a culture undeniably intertwined with alcohol and substance abuse. Beyond the fun, social atmosphere, and getting lost in the music lies a complex interplay that has long been a cornerstone of club culture.

Networking For DJs 101 - The Importance of Networking in 2023 Image

Networking is an essential skill that all DJs and artists must master to get gigs regularly and consistently. In 2023 it has become more critical than ever to utilise networking tools you have around you, such as social media, to build your artist brand and create and establish networks with other DJs and artists in the industry. Below are some starting points, tips, and tricks to help you get more gigs.

DJs And Alcohol - A Blessing Or A Curse! Image

Now that clubs are starting to take off post covid I am receiving more and more enquires about drinking and DJing , for instance, some people want to know if drinking's ok and if so how much is ok, whilst other people don't want to drink but because they're surrounded by alcohol everywhere they look, they're not sure how it's actually possible especially when they want to fit in and get opportunities.

How to DJ - Back to Back DJ Sets Image

With covid restrictions easing a tonne of my students are now getting shows in clubs and some of them have been asked to do a back to back DJ set. So in this article (video above) I will explain what is a back to back set, the different ways you can approach your back to back set, why the promoter would even ask you to do a back to back set, how to prepare for it and how to assure that when you both play you stand out and make an impact assuring repeat shows.

5 Must Know USB Tips - Avoid USB fails!! Image

Have you ever used USBS in clubs and experienced problems? Or perhaps you haven't used club gear yet but you're open to it but not 100% sure how it works or maybe you've already jumped on club gear only to find the gear is not reading your USB properly and every time you load a track you can't see the waveform or BPM?

Negative Thinking for Success? Image

As many of you know I often take the positive thinking outlook side of things and I've actually done a whole heap of mindset for success videos that were really popular yet I wanted to share something I read recently that I think could really help you manage your expectations and feel victorious no matter what happens. The concept: negative thinking for positive results haha.

3 Ways to Mix Nu Disco Image

I love my job so much and one of my favourite things is listening to student mixes and giving them feedback. The majority of the time, I am blown away by how talented they are, and lots of the time I feel it's kind of like that grasshopper analogy, where the students have surpassed the skills of their teacher, which to be honest makes me really happy and to see so many of my students now landing residencies in clubs and getting really good gigs, it blows my mind.


I always say to my students what tracks you play and how much of each track you play is completely up to you and even though there are lots of things to consider when mixing tracks and building incredible playlists that make an impact, all of which is taught in full detail in my course which I'll link in below, but when it comes to playing live, being able to read a crowd and even the ability to observe, sense and direct the energy in the room with a goal of uniting everyone there and creating world class atmospheres is arguably one of the most importing things when it comes to having success as a DJ.

4 Tips to Epic Success this Year Image

Ok first and foremost, never underestimate the power of setting goals or even intentions. I know I have said this before but life without goals is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle without the boxtop, and if you have no direction to head in then you are merely going through life reacting to what you see and experience and I'll be honest...

DJing Post Covid Image

Many people wonder what it will be like for DJs post covid. I assure you and know for a fact, venues will be very eager to open again, but at first this may be at a reduced capacity, which means smaller parties, which means, from their perspective, keeping their expenses down.

How to handle requests Image

Handling request and drunk people can be the catalyst for a bad night so in this video I will give you tips and insights on how to squash the issues before they arise...

Get out of sticky DJ situations like a pro! Image

In this video I will give you some tips on how to get out of sticky DJ situations like a seasoned pro.

Key to DJ success: positive expectation Image

I personally believe how far you get as a DJ is in direct proportion to how far you really think you can go. So honestly, do you think you can be successful?

Releasing content (don't be that DJ) Image

This video is all about how you can get a name for yourself as a DJ and start getting shows because people know of you, as opposed to people knowing you personally because you attend their events.

Coming up with a DJ name Image

Coming up with a DJ name can be a very personal thing and ultimately you want to come up with a name you are comfortable saying out loud. For instance something you feel good about when you say it and also something you don't have to explain the meaning every time you say it.

5 Signs You Are a Great DJ Image

Being a great DJ doesn't mean being the best, it means much more. Our DJ students all have amazing goals that we help them achieve.

What it takes to be a successful DJ Image

You may not be a superstar DJ yet but have no fear! There are undeniable qualities in almost all successful DJs. You will also find out...

Logo Design and how to do it right Image

All DJs have their own personal logo that represents them as an artist. It can be a creatively daunting task deciding on a logo that you're happy with but let's start from the very beginning. When should I get a logo?

Playing to your Set Time Image

Your position on a DJ line up should always be considered before you start thinking about what music you're going to play. It is imperative you play the appropriate music for the time you are booked for or it could be disastrous for the event and for yourself. How do you play to your set time?

How to make a dope Mixtape Image

The mixtape is the perfect promotional tool for DJs because it showcases your personal preference in music and your skills such as song selection and mixing ability. Before you start on your mix, ask yourself these important questions:

So you want to be a DJ? Image

Which type of DJ do you want to be? The clearer your vision, the better your results will be as you can keep your focus on what you want. Depending on the environment and audience you prefer, you might want to consider the 4 main types of DJs:

Getting Clear on Your Goals Image

The key to being successful at anything in life is to know what you want and why you want it. It is said, "life without goals is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle without the box-top".

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