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I had so much fun DJing this. The challenge: a student in the Club Ready Tribe (winner of previous round), selects a genre, selects 5 tracks FROM that genre and then posts in the Club Ready Tribe group and students then create a mix using those 5 tracks and can share in the group and students in the group vote and give feedback. This is a great skill building exercise, it also helps to get students active in the group and opens up their network and experience. This is my entry to the contest!


Firstly, thank you for the people that suggested that I do a Psy Trance Set. personally until now, although being a fan of psy trance and going to many a doof in the old days, I've never actually played it before and I can see now that was a big mistake.

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The best way to know how to mix specific genres is to find an artist that specialises in a particular genre and then listen to some of their live sets on soundcloud and notice how much of each track they are playing and how they do their transitions.

Pro DJ Does Hard Techno Set With No Visuals Image

In my experience there's different ways to mix most genres and it usually comes down to prep vs no prep. Personally I feel both have their advantages but today, off the back of last weeks video, I want to take the concept of no prep to the next level and go one step further and cover the screens which means I have no visuals cues.

How To DJ With Zero Prep - Load Music and Play!! Image

I did a survey last week about the different ways people practise and it seems the majority just jump on the decks and mix without any kind of preparation and get to know the tracks through playing them, so if you do this, or are open to the idea of mixing without planning this video is for you.

UK Garage Mix Image

Due to popular demand I made my first ever UK Garage Mix. This is the how to mix UK garage, how not to, do's and don'ts with UK garage! Very psyched!

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The truth is I have a very big soft spot for DJIng electro house. It was huge at a time when I was well and truly immersed in the club scene and when playing live and experiencing the energy that came from EDM clubs, it was honestly something else and a time I'll never forget.

How to Mix Bass and Future House Image

In this video I'll show you how to mix future house and bass house so your DJ transitions work every time. I'll also show you how to mix out of difficult tracks, and even how to play the best parts of each track so you maintain a pumping energy on your floor from start to finish.

Trance DJ Mix Image

Mixing Trance is such a great genre to DJ. Big atmospheric breakdowns and drops. Driving bass, often amazing vocals and melodies - I'm hooked. Truth is once you know how to DJ you can DJ any genre, but either way, making these videos is a blast - thank you all so much for your support - tracklists below.

Progressive House Mix + DJ Tips Image

When mixing progressive house it's more about the journey - each track tells a story and when put together in the form of a set you need that set to tell a story. It's less about doing stuff and more about being present with the music - in many ways mixing progressive house is a form of meditation - a journey into sound!

Drum and Bass Mix + DJ Tips and Advice Image

Drum and Bass is so fun to DJ and there's so many ways to mix it. In this video I'll be doing double drops, chopping, vocal overlays, but most of all I will take you on a journey by controlling the energy and flow of the mix, enjoy!!

Minimal Tech - no cues, no prep, learning from playing Image

In truth I am a little nervous about this one as I like preparing playlists and to release a raw mix like this without rehearsing or knowing the tracks in advance makes me feel a little exposed.

Techno DJ Mix - Sunday Sessions Image

There are so many ways to mix Techno and the first question people usually ask is do you mix with or without cues.

Melodic House and Techno DJ Set Image

My first ever - strictly speaking haha - Melodic House and Techno DJ Set. Before I jump in though I'll give you some tips to exploring new genres and crafting playlists!

DDJ 400 Tips and DJ Mix Image

In this video I will do a quick comparison between the DDJ400 to club gear (CDJ's and XDJ's) and then I'll do a mini showcase set. I'll also show you how to prepare your controller

Tech House Mix with 3 Decks Image

Due to popular demand I posted a live set - Tech House Mix using 3 decks. The most fun I've had in a long time - massive thanks :)

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Not sure where to start? In this mini series I answer many of the questions beginners have about learning to DJ.

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